SOC-STD 98JL: Global Social Movements

SOC-STD 98JL: Global Social Movements

Course Information

Global Social Movements

Fall 2016-17
Alison Denton Jones
Location: William James 350
Meeting Time: Thursday 2-4pm
Exam Group: 12/15/2016 2:00pm
Social movements are often considered a driving force behind political, social, and cultural change. This course explores the major theoretical and empirical approaches used in the social sciences to understand social movements. The course will examine a range of case studies including movements dealing with environmental justice, health, citizenship, and racial inclusion taken from a range of national contexts. Particular attention will be paid to transnational human rights and other activism.

Note: This course will be lotteried and is limited to 10 students. Preference given to Social Studies juniors. Anyone who wishes to enroll must enter the lottery by turning in a form in the Social Studies Department by 10 am on Thursday, Sept. 2nd. More information and lottery form available here: Link

Syllabus:  SS98jl - Global Social Movement syllabus - 2016-10-27.pdf

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