ECON 2339RA: Economic History Lunch

ECON 2339RA: Economic History Lunch

 SPRING 2017

Seminar meets Fridays in Littauer M-16 from 1:00-1:50PM.  Sandwiches and drinks are provided.


 Feb. 3

Krishna Pendakur
(Simon Fraser University)
"Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition"

 Feb. 10

Henrik Sigstad
"The Enforcement of Constitutions with Applications to English and American Constitutional History"

 Feb. 17

Carl Muller-Crepon

"Cash Crops and the Provision of Public Services under Direct and Indirect Colonial Rule"

 Feb. 24

Eduardo Montero

"Land, Conflict, and Cooperatives: The Impacts of Land Reform in El Salvador"

 Mar. 3

Hui Ren Tan
(Boston University)
"More is Less? The Impact of Family Size on Child Outcomes in the United States, 1850-1940"

 Mar. 10

Yang You

"Unified Language, Labor Market and Ideology"

 Mar. 17

No meeting Spring Break

 Mar. 24

 Marco Tabellini

"The Economic and Political Effects of Immigration: Lessons from the Age of Mass Migration"

 Mar. 31

 Shom Mazumder

"The Political Economy of the Decline of King Cotton: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"

Apr. 7

Moya Chin

"Training to Migrate: Female Educational Attainment and Nursing in the Philippines"

 Apr. 14

Patrick Luo
"WW2 and Female Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Business Registration"

Apr. 21

Chenzi Xu
"Reaching for Yield: Evidence from the Gold Standard Era"

Apr. 28

Ellora Derenoncourt

"Historical Origins for Intergenerational Mobility Differences across US cities Today" 




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