ECON 3336HFRA: Economic History Workshop

ECON 3336HFRA: Economic History Workshop

  • Harvard College/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: 118257
  • Term: Fall and Spring 2016-2017
  • Course Instructor(s): Claudia Goldin, Eric Chaney and Nathan Nunn
  • Location: Littauer Ctr M16 (FAS)
  • Meeting Time: Friday 2:00pm - 3:29pm
  • Exam Group: FAS03_C
  • Course Description: Intended for students writing dissertations related to economic history themes and/or methodology and for others with interests in economic history. Discusses research papers presented by scholars at Harvard and elsewhere. Students must complete both parts of this course (parts A and B) within the same academic year in order to receive credit.





 Presentation (Littauer M-16, 2-3:30pm)

WED, February 1

Note Wednesday date.

 Kerem Cosar
(University of Virginia)
*Joint with Trade*

 "Trade, Merchants, and Lost Cities of the Bronze Age"

February 10

Eric Chaney
(Harvard University)

 "Scientific Revolution: Institutions and the Intellectual Rise of the Western World"

February 17

Petra Moser
(NYU Stern)

"Effects of Copyrights on Science. Evidence from the WWII Book Republication Program"

February 24

Rick Hornbeck
(University of Chicago, Booth)

"Engines of Productivity Growth: Railroads, Reallocation, and the Rise of American Manufacturing"

March 3

Oded Galor
 (Brown University) 

"Roots of Autocracy"

March 10

Ben Enke
(Harvard University)

"Agri-Culture, Kinship, and Cooperation"

March 17 



March 24

Nico Voigtlaender
(UCLA, visiting Harvard)

"The Medieval Roots of Inclusive Institutions: From the Norman Conquest of England to the Great Reform Act"

March 31

Jose Antonio Espin Sanchez

"The Old Men in the Census: Inequality and Mobility in 18th Century Murcia"


April 7

Dan Sichel
(Wellesley College)
"The Price of Nails since 1700: Even Simple Products Experienced Large Price Declines"

April 14

No Meeting

April 21

Claudia Steinwender
*Joint with Trade*

 “Drivers of Fragmented Production Chains: Evidence from the 19th Century”

April 28

Debin Ma

"The Paradox of Power: Understanding Fiscal Capacity in Imperial China and Absolutist Regimes"

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