MATH 21B: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

MATH 21B: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

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Course Information Spring 2017

Course Head: Oliver Knill

Course ID:110989

Exam Group: FAS09_A

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Description: Linear algebra allows to solve a myriad of problems across the sciences. We study matrices and related topics such as linear transformations and linear spaces, determinants, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. Applications include dynamical systems, ordinary and partial differential equations, and an introduction to Fourier series.

This is a lecture taught in small sections. Section leaders include Oliver Knill, Oliver Knill, Rosalie Belanger-Rioux, William Boney, Matthew Demers, Stephen Hermes, Brendan McLellan, and members of the Department. May not be taken by students who have passed Applied Mathematics 21b. This course, when taken for a letter grade, meets the General Education requirement for Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning.

First required meeting in spring: Monday, January 23, 8:30 AM, Science Center B. Spring section times are MWF at 9 (with sufficient enrollment), MWF at 10, MWF at 11, MWF at 12, TuTh 10-11:30, TuTh 11:30-1.

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