HISTSCI 98: Tutorial - Junior Year

HISTSCI 98: Tutorial - Junior Year


Harvard College/GSAS: 109660
Fall 2017-2018

Meeting Times: Wednesdays 12 noon to 1pm, Science Center 469


Mondays 12- 2 in Science Center 252 (Ardeta Gjikola)

Tuesdays 12- 2 in Science Center 252 (Colleen Lanier Christensen)

Tuesdays 12- 2 in Emerson Hall 318 (Katie Baca)

Wednesdays 4- 6 in Boylston Hall G-02 (Miriam Rich)

Thursdays 4- 6 in Science Center 252 (Julia Reed)

Exam Group: FAS18_I

Course Description:  

The one semester junior tutorial is a research oriented tutorial taken in small groups. It focuses on enhancing research and writing skills through the completion of a directed research paper on subject matter of the student's interest. Must be taken fall semester (except for students not in residence).



Course Materials:

Guidelines for the Peer Review_ HS 98.pdf 

Three sample excellent junior papers from last year:

FordSamaraFinalPaper (1).docx 

Hirsch_Leni_HS98_FinalwoP.pdf (please note that this paper received an exemption from the page limit)

Emily_Jung_Final Draft 4.pdf


 History of Science 98_Syllabus.pdf 


Library Research Guide to History of Science


Guide to Chicago Citation Style


Writing Guides from the Bureau of Study Council


Interview Techniques 


Visual Resources




The course readings (except for Butterfield) can be found in "Modules." Butterfield's Whig Interpretation of History is a short book available for purchase at the Coop.


Course Summary:

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