Course Syllabus

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MUSE E150 Syllabus 9-1-15.pdf

Please note the following:

  • We highly recommend using the Extension School's Writing Center for assignments. You can have a trained tutor review your writing for free up to seven times per semester.  Be sure to schedule enough time in advance of assignments to for this review, and book appointments early!
  • You do not need to submit any hard copies of assignments.  Use the online Assignments area on this site for all submissions.
  • Please discuss any potential problems that you may have with an on-time submission BEFORE the deadline.  Please plan ahead when completing assignments; all the deadlines have been advertised since the beginning of the semester, so schedule your time accordingly and start early.  Extensions are only for personal emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.
  • We CANNOT accept late papers for the final assignment without a course extension.  We have scheduled the deadline to allow you the most time to work on the paper as possible, but this gives us very little time to review the papers, discuss, combine our feedback, decide paper grades, and submit semester grades.

Course Summary:

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