ECON 3004: Graduate Student Workshop in Economic History

ECON 3004: Graduate Student Workshop in Economic History

Fall 2018

joseph_vernet.jpgLunch will be provided at 12:00pm, with presentations from 12:15-1:05

September 14 Siddharth George
(Harvard University)
"Like Father, Like Son? How Political Dynasties Affect Economic Development"
September 21 Yeonha Jung
(Boston University)
"The Legacy of King Cotton: Agricultural Patterns and Counter-Productive Structural Change"
September 28
*12:00pm start**
Huiren Tan
(Boston University)
"A Different Land of Opportunity: The Historical Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in Early 20th-Century US"
October 5 Shom Mazumder
(Harvard University)

"No Nation Left Behind? The Impact of Compulsory Schooling Laws on Immigrant Assimilation during the Age of Mass Migration"

October 12 Max Winkler
(University of Zurich)
"Connectedness and Cultural Change: Evidence from the Expansion of the US Railroad Network"

October 19

Tzachi Raz
(Harvard University)
"Free Land: The Homestead Act and the Development of the American West" (with Ross Mattheis)
October 26 Duman Bahrami-Rad
(Harvard University)
"Keeping It in the Family: Female Inheritance, Inmarriage, and the Status of Women"

November 2

Phillip Ross
(Boston University)
"Ancestral Roots of Locus of Control"
November 9

Felipe Jordan
(Harvard University)

"The Economic and Environmental Effects of Dividing Indigenous Communities: The Case of the Mapuche People in Southern Chile"

November 16 Martin Fernandez-Sanchez
(Paris School of Economics)

"Mass Migration and Education at Origin over a Century: Evidence from the Galician Diaspora in Latin America"

November 23 No meeting Thanksgiving

November 30

Casey Petroff
(Harvard University)

"Patterns in American Mortality in the 20th and 21st Centuries"


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