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This brand-new GenEd course is based on The Prediction Project, created by Alyssa Goodman, in collaboration with >30 other Harvard Faculty, expert guests, and talented HarvardX staff.  

The Prediction Project (est. 2015) has created several edX "courses," materials from which will also be used in this on-campus course. Three versions of  a Freshman Seminar (FS27J) have also been based on these materials.  The web site for the full Prediction Project, at,  can give you a good sense of the scope of the material we plan to include in  GenEd 1112 this year.  Our "Draft" Syllabus is below.  The syllabus, and this Canvas site will be "in preparation" until the course begins, so if you have any questions or concerns before then, please email Prof. Goodman directly, at

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