PHYSICS 268R: Quantum Phases of Matter

PHYSICS 268R: Quantum Phases of Matter

A course on modern topics in the quantum phases of matter. 

Pre-requisites: graduate courses in quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics, including familiarity with second quantization and path integrals.

    1. The interacting Fermi gas: quasiparticles, and an elementary introduction to Fermi liquid theory.
    2. The interacting Bose gas: Bogoliubov theory and superfluidity.
    3. BCS theory of superconductivity.
    4. The Bose Hubbard model: insulators and superfluids
    5. Quantum Ising models, field theories, correlation functions, and quantum criticality without quasiparticles.
    6. Interacting bosons in two dimensions: fractionalization, and the Z2 spin liquid.
    7. Quantum Ising gauge theories. Duality. Topological order.
    8. Interacting fermions and bosons in one dimension: the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid
    9. The integer quantum Hall effect.
    10. Berry phases, band topology, and Chern insulators.
    11. Chern-Simons gauge theories and topological order.
    12. U(1) gauge theories of spin liquids: the chiral spin liquid.
    13. Fractional quantum Hall states: Laughlin and Jain
    14. Ising anyons and non-Abelian topological order
    15. Dualities of XY models and U(1) gauge theories
    16. Application of dualities to spin liquids
    17. Boson-fermion and fermion-fermion dualities
    18. Gapless spin liquids

Section: Weekly on Tuesdays 4-5pm. We will discuss additional materials as well as homework. 

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