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The United States is becoming increasingly diverse and the world increasingly globalized. The central focus of the course is on the links between diversity and psychological processes at individual, interpersonal, and international levels. We consider several basic questions, including: What is diversity? How do race, nationality, and religion influence individuals? What impact does diversity have on cross-group relationships? How is diversity related to people's perceptions of fairness and justice? What is the relevance of people's perceptions of fairness and justice to social problems and social change? Does respect for diversity promote peace and positive change? Much research has addressed these questions, and we closely examine the evidence that has emerged so far.

This web-conference course 'Psychology of Diversity' is taught on-line. Attendance and participation is mandatory. This is an engaging and a collaborative  learning experience.  The course bridges theory and practice to advance skills and knowledge in diversity. The course is organized around experiential activities and real-world projects to help students and working professionals develop new skills.

Prerequisites: previous coursework in psychology is helpful but not required. 


Prof. Weissmark and Teaching Fellow Jason Ri

Prof. Weissmark and Teaching Fellow Jason Ri




Evaluation Comments from Former Students

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- Professor Weissmark is professional in her teaching and shares her knowledge selflessly. Her lectures were intellectual and enlightening as well as fun. The pacing of her lectures were properly scheduled to kept my interest in the topics. She is also inspiring, humorous and witty in her lectures. It is an amazing journey for the course PSYC-E 1507.

- Professor Weissmark is a great professor who is invested in creating learning friendly environment open to discussion and exploration. She is a fair grader and excellent lecturer as well. I would recommend everyone interested in gaining practical insight into psychological diversity to take her class -it was a blast.

- After taking Prof. Weissmark's class, I found I had a foundational knowledge that propelled my interest in diversity and multiculturalism into grad school. I am now pursuing the subject matter in my professional life. This class helped start me on this path.

- Professor Weissmark is extremely clear in her teachings, and brings the theme and message of the class across very well. This is a life-changing course for many of its alumni and it offers a fresh pair of lenses to view the world with. I highly recommend this course.  

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