Economics 3011: The Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop

Economics 3011: The Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop

Course Information

Economics 3011. The Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop

Harvard College/GSAS: 0109
Fall 2014-2015
Location: Littauer Center M-16
Meeting Time: Tu., 2:30-4:00 PM
For students with an interest in economic theory. Faculty presentations by Harvard and MIT economists and invited guests.

Fall 2014 Schedule

All meetings take place in Littauer M-16
 September 4, 2014
*Joint with Theory Workshop, 4:00-5:30pm,
Littauer M-16*

 Philipp Strack   UC  Berkeley "Stochastic Choice  and Optimal  Sampling"

 September 9, 2014

 September 16, 2104  Florian Zimmermann  University of Zurich "Beliefs and Utility: Experimental Evidence on Preferences for Information" (joint with Armin Falk)
 September 23, 2014   Nathan Nunn  Harvard University "The Evolution of Culture and Institutions: 
   Evidence from the Kuba Kingdom"
(joint with Sara Lowes, James A. Robinson & Jonathan Weigel)
 September 30, 2014   Tristan Gagnon-Bartsch  Harvard University  "Taste Projection in Models of Social Learning"
 October 7, 2014  Josh Schwartzstein  Dartmouth College  "A Model of Relative Thinking" (with B. Bushong and M. Rabin)
 October 14, 2014  Fiery Cushman  Harvard University  "Why learning matters for morality"
 October 21, 2014  NO SEMINAR  
 October 28, 2014  Ned Augenblick  UC Berkeley Haas "Excess Movement and Belief Streams" (with M. Rabin)
 November 4, 2014  Koichiro Ito  Boston University "The Persistence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: Experimental Evidence from Energy Demand"
 November 11, 2014


 November 18, 2014  Michael Luca  Harvard Business School  "Strategic Disclosure: The Case of Business School Rankings"
 November 25, 2014  Justin Sydnor  Wisconsin School of Business  "Choose to Lose? Employee Health-Plan Decisions from a Menu with Dominated Options" (joint with Saurabh Bhargava and George Loewenstein)
 December 2, 2014  Johannes Haushofer  Princeton University

"Poverty, Stress, and Time Preference"


Background papers:


"On the psychology of poverty" (summary of papers)


"Household Response to Income Changes: Evidence from an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program in Kenya"


"Negative Income Shocks Increase Discount Rates"


"Time-dependent effect of hydrocortisone administration on intertemporal choice"


"Negative Rainfall Shocks Increase Levels of the Stress Hormone Cortisol Among Poor Farmers in Kenya"