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Top 5 Fantasy Fiction Series You Need To Start Reading Now!!!

The world of books is magical. Once you step into one, you can dwell in the body of a wicked sorcerer, a dead king or be the most powerful woman in the world. Books add wings to your feet. They take you on a magical journey to beautiful lands with pixies, fairies, witches, cursed children and abandoned palaces. Though all books may not be magical in the literal sense, some of them are and they are known as fantasy fiction books.

The genre of fantasy has caught pace in the past few years with many great series making a mark in the bibliophile’s world. Here we bring you the list of top 5 must read fantasy fictional series without which a booklover's life is incomplete.

1. Harry Potter

The boy who lived beats in the heart of almost everyone on the face of this planet and will continue to do so till generations to come. This innocently charming yet eruditely magical world of Harry takes you through his journey from an ignored orphan to the best school in the magical world. This marvel of a creation by author J K Rowling spans through 7 (now 8) books and is so well received that its spin-offs have also been bestsellers.

2. The Lord Of the Rings

J R R Tolkien weaved the world of magic through 6 books. The journey of Frodo to Mount Doom after he is bestowed with the Ring, on which the very future of the civilization depends, is a gripping series with lush green lands. This series also has a spin-off titled “The Hobbit” which is also a must-read.


3. A Song Of Ice and Fire

Almost everyone is familiar with the popular T.V series “Game of Thrones”. Well, if you are a fan of it and a fan of books then this series is for you. 6 books have been released in this series so far and the next one is expected to be released early next year. The intricate details of places, people, and plot sets this one a class apart and makes it worth the time you need to invest in it.


4. The Kingkiller Chronicles

The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss is a one-of-its-kind book. It sways between the past and the present as Kvothe, a former adventurer, narrates his story in the Waystone inn. As he attempts to hide his identity, he retrogrades about the adventures and interesting people he meets and how one night had his life completely transformed. Two books and one spin-off has been released in the series and the next one is eagerly awaited.


5. Bartimaeus

Bartimaeus and Nathaniel are the naughty duos who has the time of their lives escaping obstacle, fires, wicked magical creatures, witches, and wizards. In this series, Jonathan Stroud has added garnished his marvelous writing with a touch of humor and a dash of magic. This series has three books in total and all of them have been released.

So there you go! Although there are many other amazing books in this genre and in another genre out there, the above five series are something you should absolutely not miss on in this lifetime!

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