The Perfect Hairstyle

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Transforming and Inspiring Hairstyles


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Transforming and Inspiring Hairstyles

Have you ever wondered how a simply thought hairstyle can become the new trend? Or about how a hairstyle can – in a moment – define your personality, outline your uniqueness and beauty or even give you a local or international visibility?

Throughout history, it has taken various names and significations. A simple reasoning would deduce that it is indeed something of great importance, to elicit such unwavering and perennial interest. And it is. Hairstyle is not just a term. It is an identity, an emotion, a way of living, a constant adventure. Nowadays, everyone is searching for the “holy grail” of the beauty industry: the perfect hairstyle. And the most interesting and paradoxical thing is that although it is called by the same name, it is different things to different people: long, medium, short, natural, braids, mohawk, the list goes on. The beauty industry in the US generated $56.2 billion in 2015, the largest share going to haircare. Furthermore, it has been recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that nearly 1 million of people were employed in this segment.


What is it exactly that makes hairstyles so compelling?

Popularity, uniqueness, beauty, mystery, provocation? To be honest, there is no definite answer. It could be all of them. It could be none of them. For the purpose of enlightening the reader here about what I call the “magic” of hairstyle, I will take the stance that there is a trend in getting the most wanted and popular hairstyles and if well followed, the hairstyle could bring popularity, fame and glory.

We all have met this kid at school, the “good guy”, who had the most “geeky” or “unpopular” hairstyle. Despite the good qualities he possessed, he was usually made fun of, from his classmates, and could rarely if not never, match with the “bad boy”, the one with the Cristiano Ronaldo look, who was always well surrounded, complimented by the teachers and courted by the girls. I am not trying to generalize here, but the idea that I want to convey is that looks matter – despite the presence or absence of personal qualities – and that the great or what I call the perfect hairstyles contribute greatly in defining the status of an individual and hence the reactions around him.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

As sure as the North Star guides sailors, a great hairstyle can literally take a person to new horizons. Not sure? Think about the young high school girl who just got her the latest Emma Watson hairstyle and who now has a greater sense of confidence and feels better in her skin. Think about the woman, spending almost half a day to get the perfect look and shine for a special one or a special day. Think about the new grand mother, taking a time off for herself to get out for a day at the beauty parlor to feel again the “freshness” of life. The perfect hairstyle here resides not just in an action. The perfect hairstyle resides in a state of mind; The perfect hairstyle resides in a desire for change.



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