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Top Ten Unknown But Useful Websites | Hidden Gems

The sites I am sharing today are generally unknown but that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. The main reason I am sharing these Top 10 Useful Websites is because we generally remember five or six websites that we use daily such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Wikipedia etc., but when it comes to a particular task such as email shortener, PDF to word etc., then we are completely blank.

Of course you can just "google" it , but are you sure you will come across the right website? Perhaps not, so I hope you take some benefit of some useful websites which may not give you benefit immediately but be sure to bookmark them as they may prove useful in the future.

#1 Polish My Writing

Check grammatical & spelling errors online

This is a must use tool if you are a blogger or have a website. As you know a good article is key to success, whether you are a student or content writer. An error free article or post holds your reader & inspires them to read more articles of yours. If you have a problems writing English like many, then don’t hesitate to keep writing. You can take advantage of Polish to write error free writing. It gives you suggestions in grammar, spelling errors and more.

#2 Which Date Works

Event planner

It is a simple event planner that allows you to make plans & share with others. The best part is you don’t need to waste your time with registration. Just write your plans or events and add your emails. Make sure to separate addresses by semicolons, spaces, or new lines. If you sign up there then you will get much more benefits like viewing your recent contacts. So next time you don’t need to enter the email address again.

#3 Every Time Zone

Unique world time zone

This website comes with the tag line of “Never wrap your brain with time zone math again”. You can use this website if you are fed up with comparing your time zone with other countries. It has a simple green bar which you can drag according to your choice & it will tell you the other countries time zone.

#4 GT Metrix

Website Analyzer

If you have a website then most likely you like to know about your website performance. This tool is completely free and gives you many insights about your website like page speed, css, images like recommendation. You can take help of statistics & make your website more user- friendly.

#5 IMO

One stop for chat, voice & video calling

This is a one stop messenger for Skype, GTalk, Facebook etc. Now you dont’t need to sign in to different accounts to chat with your friends. Take leverage of IMO and use free messaging, video & voice calls. You can download IMO app on your iOS or Android device. Just visit the website and get the link.

#6 Google Translate

Translate documents, text in your language

Google products are usually awesome this holds up to their reputation. It is one of the best translating tools ever. Just like Google home page, it comes with a very simple interface. You have to just type or paste the language which you want to translate and view the result in next box after selecting the language which you want to get answer.

#7 YouTube Leanback

View YouTube in screen mode (not a normal full screen)

How often do you use YouTube for watching videos? Probably all the time if you are like a billion other people. This is add-on to the YouTube that allows you to enjoy videos in full screen. It is not like the normal full screen. You will see the difference yourself - just visit the website.

#8 Similar Sites

Discover similar sites

This seems very simple but it is very informative and creative. This website comes up with the results of similar websites. For instance if you want to find out the alternatives of websites such as Facebook or YouTube then you can use this tool. If you have a website then you can also check which websites are similar to yours.

#9 Wordle

Free word tag cloud maker


Wordle is a free tag cloud maker. It creates a tag cloud from the provided words. If you are not aware of tag cloud then you can see our website tag cloud sometimes you will find it on the right hand side of the sidebar of a website. You can also show your creativity while making word clouds.

#10 Bubbl

Online mind maps creator

This is a free simple tool to brainstorm ideas. It is very easy to use & simple to share with your friends. You can choose colors, text fonts & many more with this tool. This is one of the best tools to tell someone about your products or plans. You can download Bubbl iOS app also.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the list and your suggestions are also welcome.


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