MATH 270Z: Symplectic geometry

The precise topics discussed in the course may decide on the interests of the class (and the whims of the instructor), but to give a flavor of the material to be covered, I have listed here some references which suggest the central concerns of the course:

Possible additional topics to be discussed: The role of the J-homomorphism in microlocal sheaf theory; irregular Riemann-Hilbert correspondence; perverse sheaves and perverse schobers.

Undergraduate students interested in taking this course should seek permission from me first. Undergraduates and pre-quals graduate students, who require grades for the course, will be required to prepare a final project or presentation, and possibly also to complete exercises I assign during the course.

Further references:


Background on sheaves:

Background on derived categories:

Helpful notes:

Legendrian knots and front projections:

Persistent homology:

Course Summary:

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