ECON 3530HFA: The International Economics Workshop

ECON 3530HFA: The International Economics Workshop


  Fall 2017

Usually Wednesdays 4:00 - 5:30 PM, Littauer Center M-15

Monday workshops are from 2:30 - 4:00 PM

unless otherwise noted


September 7

Joint with MIT @ MIT 

Tom Sampson (London School of Economics)

Global Productivity Distribution and Ricardian Comparative Advantage

MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

September 11

Joint with Macro

Ethan Ilzetzki (London School of Economics), Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff (Harvard University)

Exchange Arrangements Entering the 21st Century: Which Anchor Will Hold?

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

September 20

Joint with MIT @ Harvard

Gianmarco Ottaviano (London School of Economics)

Geography, Competition, and Optimal Multilateral Trade Policy

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

September 27

Alonso de Gortari (Harvard University Ph.D. Candidate) Disentangling Global Value Chains


October 5  

Joint with MIT @ MIT

Kim Ruhl (Pennsylvania State University)

Offshore Profit Shifting and Domestic Productivity Measurement

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

October 11

Joint with Macro

Joaquin Blaum (Brown University, visiting Harvard)

Importing, Exporting and Aggregate Productivity in Large Devaluations

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

October 18

Department Seminar

MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

October 23

Joint with Macro

Guido Lorenzoni (Northwestern University)

 MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

October 30

Joint with Macro

Hanno Lustig (Stanford University)

Gravity in FX R-Squared: Understanding the Factor Structure in Exchange Rates

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

November 8

Ufuk Akcigit (University of Chicago)

Innovation and Trade Policy in a Globalized World

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

November 15

Nihar Shah (Harvard University Ph.D. Candidate)

Monetary Spillovers in Financial Markets: Policymakers and Premia

Wednesdy 4-5:30 PM 

November 22

Kirill Borusyak (Harvard University Ph.D. Candidate)

The Distributional Effects of Trade: Theory and Evidence from the United States (joint with Xavier Jaravel, LSE)

 MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

November 27

Joint with Macro

Gita Gopinath and Jeremy Stein (Harvard University) 

Banking, Trade, and the Making of a Dominant

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

November 29

Joint with MIT @ Harvard 

Felix Tintelnot (University of Chicago)

Trade and Domestic Production Networks


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