ECON 2540: Research in International Economics



Spring 2018

Wednesdays 12:00 - 1:00 PM, Littauer Center M-16

February 14

Maria Voronina

Sorting in Global Value Chains

February 21

Andrew Lilley

Financial Drivers of Currency Returns

February 28  

Chenzi Xu

Financial Frictions in Trade: Evidence from the Crisis of 1866

March 7

Yuxiao Huang

Intermediated Trade and Foreign Demand Uncertainty

March 21

Sarita Bunsupha

Competing to Coordinate

March 28

Xiang Ding

Globalization under Economies of Scope: A Big Firm Perspective

April 4

Giselle Montamat

Stubborn Dollarization: Love of the Dollar and Fear of the Peso

 April 11

Taehoon Kim

Financial Globalization and Wealth Inequality

April 18

Lisa Xu

The map is not the tariff-tory: deconstructing a Bartik-style regional trade shock

April 25

Elisa Rubbo

Dividing Tasks: Specialization and Outsourcing Patterns


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