ECON 2888R: Economics of Science and Engineering Workshop

EC 2888r: Economics of Science and Engineering Workshop
SPRING 2018  -   Harvard College/GSAS: 122105
Professor Richard B. Freeman
Location: Baker 103, Bloomberg Center, Harvard Business School
Meeting Time: Fridays, 12-1:30pm
Exam Group: 7

DESCRIPTION: Focus on work force and career issues. Topics include: Effects of globalization on work force and innovation, growth of networks in work; impact of career incentives on productivity; university policies; mobility between academe and industry; link between ideas and outputs.

GRADUATE LEVEL SEMINAR:  Undergraduate Enrollment Exceptions:
- undergraduate enrollment limited to 5 students; permission required in advance of enrollment
- does not count as undergraduate Economics Concentration Credit
- may count as undergraduate Harvard College Credit
- may satisfy Econ writing requirement, for individual research paper of 15-20 pages
- first step for consideration: send e-mail with your concentration; why interested in the seminar; and potential research project
- decisions will be made after all requests are submitted

NOTE: Offered jointly with HBS as the 4245 TOM Seminar (Links to an external site.) or SBBI-Science Based Business Initiative


END OF SPRING 2018:  See you Spring of 2019

LOCATION:  Baker 103, Bloomberg Center, HBS Campus
DIRECTIONS:   best access from WEST entrance of bldg, see arrow.

cid:image003.jpg@01D39134.E4B991D0SEE ARROW ON MAP.

  Baker 103 is a bit tucked away in the Bloomberg Center, and behind a locked door. It is easier to get in from the WEST side of the building; a door will be open for easy access. 
If you are familiar with Baker 102, then as you enter the Faculty Commons, Baker 102 is first door on right, and Baker 103 is on the other side of commons. 


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