Course Syllabus

COMPSCI 189: Autonomous Robot Systems

Spring 2018, Fridays 1-4pm, Pierce 301

Course Schedule: See below for all problem set due dates and lecture/lab topics. For overall course description, see the homepage.

Optional TextBooks: [PRR] Programming Robots with ROS, Quigley et al, O'Rielly Publishers. [Murphy 2000] Introduction to AI Robotics”, Robin Murphy, 2000. [Seigwart 2004] Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots”, Seigwart et al, 2004. See Piazza for details, and Syllabus below for weekly reading.

Read Course Policies page for more details on grading, attendance, collaboration policy and other common questions. 

Go to Modules to see slides from Lectures, Office Hours, and Robot manuals.


Week Date Topic Reading Class Time I Class Time II Upcoming
1 Jan26 Introduction Lecture topic: Introduction to AI Robotics and CS189, and this year's project: "Robots that Roam the Halls". Assignment: Fill out the google lottery form by midnight  
2 Feb2 Autonomy1 PRR: Chapter 1-3 (up to "Latched Topics") Lecture Topic: The Basics of Autonomy (Motion and Vision) Lab 1: Intro to Robot (Motion) Pset 1 due next week: Robot Roomba
3 Feb9 Fun with Robots PRR: Chapter 6 and 7 Demo Time: Pset 1 Demonstrations (no lecture today) Lab 2: Intro to Robot Vision (Depth and Color) Pset 2 due next week: Safe Wandering in the Classroom
4 Feb16 Autonomy2 PRR: Chapters 7 and 12 Lecture Topic: The Basics of Autonomy Continued (Vision and PID)  Demo Time: Pset 2 Demonstrations

Pset 3 part (a) due next week: A Personal Follower Robot

5 Feb23 Autonomy3 Further Reading: Murphy 2000, chap 1 (history), 2, 4, 7 (architectures) Lecture Topic: Programming Complex Behaviors (reactive, deliberative, FSM)

Demo Time: Pset 3 part (a) demo

Lab 3: More Robot Interactions.

Pset 3 part (b) due next week: A Personal Follower Robot 
6 Mar2 Navigation1

Further reading: Murphy 2000, chap 9 and 10;  Seigwart 2004, chap 5.5 and 6.1-6.2

Lecture Topic: Robot Navigation (path planning) Demo Time: Pset 3 Follower Demonstration Pset 4 part (a) due next week: Scavenger Hunt
7 Mar9 Navigation2 Further reading: See Kalman Filter notes posted on Piazza, Murphy 2000 chapter 11 Lecture Topic: Robot Navigation (localization) Demo Time: Pset 4 part (a) demo  Pset 4 part (b) due friday after spring break
  Mar16   SPRING BREAK (no class)    
8 Mar23 Scavenger Hunt!

Mandatory: Lab Safety Training


Demo Time: Pset 4 Scavenger Hunt!! nothing due next week
9 Mar30 Navigation3 Murphy 2000 chapter 11, for SLAM see online tutorials: SLAM for dummies and Essential Algorithms. Lecture Topic: Robot Navigation (mapping) Lab 4: Robot localization with EKF package

Pset 5 due next week: A Robot Navigator


10 Apr6 Applications1 Lecture Topic: Robot Applications and Ethics Demo Time: Pset 5 demonstration Start thinking about Final Project
11 Apr13 Applications2 Lecture Topic: Humanoid Robots and the DARPA challenge Final Project (a): Progress meetings  
12 Apr20 Applications3 Lecture Topic: Swarm Robotics (Final Lecture) Final Project (b): Progress meetings  
13 Apr27 Practice Day No class, but class room reserved for test demonstrations (optional, but recommended)
14 Apr30 (mon) Final Demo! Final Project (d): Final Demonstration (During reading period, time TBD)  

May2 (wed)

Final Paper Final Project (e): Paper due    


Course Summary:

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