ECON 3530HFB: The International Economics Workshop



  Spring 2018

Usually Wednesdays 4:00 - 5:30 PM, Littauer Center M-15

Monday workshops are from 2:30 - 4:00 PM

unless otherwise noted

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

January 31

Italo Colantone (Bocconi University

Trade and Growth in the Age of Global Value Chains joint with Carlo Altomonte and Laura Bonacorsi

MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

February 5

Joint with Macro

Andres Drenik (Columbia University)

Pricing in Multiple Currencies in Domestic Markets 


February 15

Joint with MIT @ MIT 

Stephen Redding (Princeton University)

The Making of the Modern Metropolis: Evidence from London joint with Stephan Heblich and Daniel Sturm

Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

February 21

Dan Trefler (University of Toronto) 

Endowments, Skill-Biased Technology, and Factor Prices: A Unified Approach to Trade

MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

February 26  

Joint with Macro

Rosen Valchev (Boston College)

The International Medium of Exchange: Privilege and Duty


March 7

No Seminar - Week of Departmental Seminar


March 14

 No Seminar - Spring Break

THURSDAY 4:00-5:30 PM

March 22

Joint with MIT @ Harvard

Ferdinando Monte (Georgetown University)

The Geography of Consumption 

MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

March 26

Joint with IO 

Kamran Bilir (University of Wisconsin)

Innovation in the Global Firm joint work with Eduardo Morales

MONDAY 2:30-4 PM

April 2

Joint with Macro 

Matteo Maggiori (Harvard University)

International Currencies and Capital Allocation

 Wednesday 4-5:30 PM

April 11

Joint with MIT @ Harvard 

Arnaud Costinot (MIT)

Robots, Trade, and Luddism. Joint with Ivan Werning (MIT)

Monday 2:30-4 PM

April 16

Joint with Macro

Esteban Rossi-Hansberg (Princeton University)

Location as an Asset

Thursday 4-5:30 PM

April 26

Joint with MIT @ MIT

Ezra Oberfield (Princeton University)

Misallocation in the Market for Inputs



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