CELLBIO 226: Concepts in Development, Self-Renewal, and Repair


  • CELLBIO 226
  • Harvard College/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: 121707
  • Term: Fall 2018-2019
  • Course Instructor(s): Iain Drummond and Amar Sahay
  • Meeting Time: Friday 14:00-16:59
  • Exam Group: FAS10_A
  • Course Description: Explores developmental mechanisms through the life cycle, contrasting pluripotency and cell fate restriction in embryos and adult tissues. In depth analysis of in vivo approaches, with emphasis on adult stem cells, tissue repair and self-renewal.
  • Notes: Classes begin on September 6, 2018 through December, 7 2018. Note that the first class will be held in TMEC L007 (Longwood) on 9/6/2018 at 2pm and subsequent classes in Simches MGH 3.120 (Charles/MGH).  The course is offered jointly with the Medical School as CB 721.0. Course web site link


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