Course Syllabus

Syllabus: This brief syllabus is supplemented by additional details in the Course Orientation pages. In these pages you can find information on (to find this information quickly during the term, click on Syllabus in the sidebar, then on the relevant link below):


AP50b is the second half of a one-year, calculus-based introduction to physics focusing on the application of physics to real-world problems to teach scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills. The course is designed specifically for engineering and physics majors and is equivalent in content and rigor to a standard calculus-based introductory physics course.

Course content: Electrostatics, electric current, magnetostatics, electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic radiation, and geometric and wave optics.

Physics prerequisites: AP50a or equivalent.

Math prerequisite: Multi-variable calculus at the level of Mathematics 21a (OK to take concurrently)

Materials: All teaching materials, project materials, and platform subscriptions will be provided free of any charge. There are no additional costs associated with this course. 

Class sections: Tu/Th 9:00 am ET (section 1) or 4:30 pm ET (section 2); the rest of this class is asynchronous, at your and your team's convenience.

How class meetings will be conducted: Apart from work you will do on your own (but still interacting asynchronously with others), you will regularly meet with your team over Zoom at a time that works for your team. If needed, a member of the teaching team can join to help during these meetings. The regularly scheduled class sections will be conducted via Zoom, usually with teams in their own Zoom meetings and the teaching team stopping by, and occasionally with the entire class in one Zoom meeting. You will be able to book additional time with members of the teaching team through a scheduling web site.

Examinations: There are no examinations in AP50. See Assessment.

Enrolling: To register for this course, simply add it to your Crimson Cart. There is no cap on enrollment and no lottery.

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