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Loiza Puerto Rico

Confirmed Speakers for Fall 2018: 

  • Susan Snyman of the International Union of the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Southern Africa
  • Gabriel Meseth & Jose Koechlin of Inkaterra,Peru
  • Hans Pfister of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality, Costa Rica
  • Dr. James Austin, Harvard Business School
  • Dr. Mark Milstein, Director, Center for Sustainable Global 
    Enterprise, SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University 


Read about what previous students have said about this course: 

  • "Megan Epler-Wood's Ecotourism and Sustainability course is both an excellent introduction to the world of ecotourism, as well as, a crash course in ecotourism business planning and best practices. I highly recommend this course to any person looking to start up an ecotourism business. This course taught me how to build a triple bottom line business plan with integrated annual reporting. If you are not extremely familiar with either of those and are looking to start an ecotourism business, this is a must-take course. If you are familiar and want an opportunity to perfect and pitch your ecotourism business plan to experts in the industry, this is a must-take course. This was my first ecotourism and sustainable development course but has not been my last. Megan's vast ecotourism knowledge is amazing but her passion on the topic is inspiring." ~Wendie S. 


  • "This class is well-suited for students who are interested in entrepreneurship, would like to launch a small business or start up, and want to learn how to research, develop, and pitch a business. I work in the travel industry and was blown away by Megan's incredible network of ecotourism thought leaders who joined us for lectures to share details about their business and their professional journey. Each week our readings and lectures were a mini business case study that exposed a different segment of the travel industry--hotels, tour operators, and destinations. As part of this overview, we had the opportunity to discuss and engage in current research that Megan is doing with the Harvard Business School on a company called Wilderness Safaris. These case studies prepared us for our final project where we created our own ecotourism business plan. I'd never created a business plan before and Megan walked us through each element over the course of the semester. By the end of the class, I was really proud of my work. One of my favorite parts of the class was pitching my business plan to Mark Milstein, an expert on sustainable enterprise at Cornell, and getting his feedback on my work." ~O'Shannon B. 


  • "I chose to take Ecotourism and Sustainable Development as my elective for my MBA in Sustainability degree and it was one of my favorite classes. Megan's incredible knowledge and depth of experience combined with her talent for engaging her students made every class incredibly fun and educational. She provides a robust curriculum to help students understand the wide array of challenges and opportunities within Ecotourism and encourages innovative and creative problem solving. She also brought in a variety of industry leaders as guest speakers, all of whom added value to the course. I would highly recommend her class to anyone with a passion for tourism, conservation, or sustainability." ~Lauren M.

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