ECON 3016: Graduate Student Workshop in Environmental Economics

ECON 3016: Graduate Student Workshop in Environmental Economics

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Date Speaker Title
September 4

Faculty panel: Joe Aldy, Jim Stock, Rema Hanna, Clare Balboni (MIT)

September 11

Kenneth Norris

Internalizing an Externality: Transparency and Negotiations

September 18

Max Vilgalys (MIT) (30 minutes); Chika Okafor (30 minutes)

Max: "Inferring Climate Expectations from Planting Decisions"

Chika: "Title pending"

September 25

Elizabeth Spink

"Household Water Source Substitution and Demand for Water Connections"

October 2

Shefali Khanna

"Electricity Market Design and Market-Based Environmental Policy in India"

October 9

Eleanor Krause (30 minutes); Shweta Bhogale (30 minutes)

Eleanor: "Job displacement and migration: Evidence from coal country"
Shweta: "Geographic and Administrative Determinants of Groundwater Use in Rural India"

October 16

Allan Hsiao (MIT)

"Coordination and Commitment in International Climate Action: Evidence from Palm Oil"

October 23

Sagar Saxena (30 minutes); Minghao Qiu (MIT) (30 minutes)

Sagar: "Input Prices and Auction Outcomes in the Indian Solar Sector"

Minghao: "Impacts of China’s pollution control policy on regions without air quality monitors"

October 30

Sarah Armitage

"Technology Adoption and the Timing of Environmental Policy: Evidence from Efficient Lighting"

November 6

Frank Pinter

"Emissions Regulation and Electric Vehicle Product Variety" (joint with Sarah Armitage)

November 13

Jacob Bradt

November 20

Daniel Stuart

December 4

Marcos Barozzo


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