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Date Speaker Title
September 4

Faculty panel: Joe Aldy, Jim Stock, Rema Hanna, Clare Balboni (MIT)

September 11

Kenneth Norris

Internalizing an Externality: Transparency and Negotiations

September 18

Max Vilgalys (MIT) (30 minutes); Chika Okafor (30 minutes)

Max: "Inferring Climate Expectations from Planting Decisions"

Chika: "Title pending"

September 25

Elizabeth Spink

"Household Water Source Substitution and Demand for Water Connections"

October 2

Shefali Khanna

"Electricity Market Design and Market-Based Environmental Policy in India"

October 9

Eleanor Krause (30 minutes); Shweta Bhogale (30 minutes)

Eleanor: "Job displacement and migration: Evidence from coal country"
Shweta: "Geographic and Administrative Determinants of Groundwater Use in Rural India"

October 16

Allan Hsiao (MIT)

"Coordination and Commitment in International Climate Action: Evidence from Palm Oil"

October 23

Sagar Saxena (30 minutes); Minghao Qiu (MIT) (30 minutes)

Sagar: "Input Prices and Auction Outcomes in the Indian Solar Sector"

Minghao: "Impacts of China’s pollution control policy on regions without air quality monitors"

October 30

Sarah Armitage

"Technology Adoption and the Timing of Environmental Policy: Evidence from Efficient Lighting"

November 6

Frank Pinter

"Emissions Regulation and Electric Vehicle Product Variety" (joint with Sarah Armitage)

November 13

Jacob Bradt "Spatial Sorting in Models of Recreation Demand"

November 20

Daniel Stuart "Inducing Green Innovation from Abroad: Evidence from the Chinese Solar Industry" (joint with Jiahua Liu)

December 4

Marcos Barrozo "International Shocks and Persistent Deforestation"


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